Chat seamlessly with users across popular messaging platforms Own your messages and data. = no third party servers Streamline your chats within one application Access the Matrix global network to message colleagues, family, and friends in a simple and safe environment

Beyond Communication

All in one communication

All-in-One Communication

Communicate with users across different third party apps – Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram and more via

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Import your third party SIP mobile numbers for easy call-in and call-out functionality

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Built on the Matrix open source protocol that features strong encryption and decentralized nodes, no third party storing of conversations or meta data. You own your data.

Improved Workflow

Improved Workflow

Customize business processes to meet the customer on their preferred chat app. Retain all third party app customer conversation detail with

Only three easy steps to set up

Step 1

Download installer

Step 2

Follow on-screen instructions to create account and sync third party apps

Step 3

Start messaging!

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